Discontinuation of Avvo Ignite

Discontinuation of Avvo Ignite

Avvo Ignite was retired on June 8th, 2020.

If you were a customer of Avvo Ignite, below are helpful answers to important questions you may have about your data, tracking phone numbers and other resources about your prior Ignite service. If you have any questions not answered below, please contact Avvo Support.


Question: What specific data will I be able to get from Avvo Ignite?

Answer: Upon request, we will provide all-time contact history data for calls through June 8th, on lead sources set up to your Ignite account (e.g. name, contact information, notes, other).


Question: Who do I contact to get my data?

Answer: You should contact your Account Manager to receive the above-mentioned data. Please allow 3 business days after your request for this data to be available to you. Should you need anything else from your Ignite account (intake forms, email templates, drip campaign info etc.), please use this extra week to pull that data yourself or request help from the account management team. 


Question: What happens to the tracking numbers I’ve set up through Ignite?

Answer: The tracking phone numbers created in Ignite will be supported by Avvo and remain working as normal for the near future. Avvo will communicate a transition plan about these numbers at a later date. We want to make sure this transition supports our customer needs as best as possible. Please be aware Avvo will provide contact data for calls through June 8th. We will not provide contact data for calls after this date on the legacy Ignite tracking numbers. If you would like to continue using the same phone number, you can reach out to Twilio to purchase the phone number. 


Question: How do I get a list of call tracking numbers provisioned to my account in Ignite?

Answer: You should contact your Account Manager to receive a list of call tracking numbers associated with your Ignite account.


Question: If I want to purchase any of the numbers used in my account, or “port” (move) them over to a different tracking system, how do I accomplish that?

Answer: You will need to reach out to the number service provider, Twilio, to claim/purchase the call tracking number(s). You can find Twilio’s contact information at https://www.twilio.com/help/sales. Twilio may request the phone numbers’ String Identifier (SID) in order to process the request. You will need to contact your Avvo Account Manager to obtain the phone numbers’ SID.


Question: Where can I find other information about Avvo’s products and services for attorneys?

Answer: Visit https://www.avvo.com/for-lawyers/ for a complete overview. You may also want to consider visiting https://www.captorra.com/, part of the Martindale-Avvo network, providing marketing products and services to help attorneys.