Customer FAQ for Avvo Legal Services

How it works

What is Avvo Legal Services?

Avvo Legal Services is a range of fixed-fee legal services provided by local attorneys. Some examples:

  • 15-minute advice sessions: A 15-minute phone call with a local lawyer to discuss your legal situation, so you can move forward with confidence.
  • Document review: A review of a legal document by a local lawyer, to make sure it’s complete and protects your best interests.
  • Start-to-finish support services: Work with a local lawyer on issues like starting a business, applying for US immigration, or creating a parenting plan and custody agreement.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the service that fits your needs and budget.
  2. Select the local lawyer you'd like to hire, and pay for your service.
  3. Your lawyer will call you within 1 business day.

Why should I pay for a phone call when some attorneys offer free consultations?

With Avvo Legal Services, you'll get actual answers to your questions and advice about what you should do next. With a free consultation, the focus will be on the types of help the lawyer could provide if you were to hire them—they will not provide actual legal help or advice until you hire them. Plus, you know you will get a call from a lawyer within 1 business day—you can skip calling multiple lawyers' offices, scheduling consultations, and driving to appointments.

What does it include?

All services include a phone call with a lawyer, within 1 business day of purchase, as well as concrete answers and advice about your situation. Document review services include an attorney’s review of a legal document, form, or application. Start-to-finish support services include attorney support in resolving a specific legal matter.

Note: Government filing fees are not included. If your situation requires filing fees, you will pay those directly to the government.

Are services available in my area?

Avvo Legal Services is currently available in these US states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. We're expanding to new locations as quickly as we can while maintaining the quality of lawyers and speed of service.

Please note: you must have a United States phone number to use Avvo Legal Services.

Who will I work with?

You will work with the lawyer you selected during checkout. For phone call advice sessions, you can also choose to speak to the next available lawyer. In that case, Avvo will connect you with a highly reviewed attorney who is experienced in your topic area and licensed to practice in your state.

Will the attorneys be local to my area?

You can choose the lawyer who is closest to your location. All attorneys are licensed to practice anywhere in your state.

How long will I wait to get my phone call?

Your lawyer will call you within 1 business day of your purchase. For example, if you purchase a service at 3 pm on Friday, you can expect a call by 3 pm Monday. If you choose to speak to the next available attorney, the lawyer will call you within 15 minutes.

Is it possible to schedule my call?

During checkout, you can select when you would prefer to receive your call—morning, afternoon, or evening. There is no guarantee your lawyer will call at a specific time but they will try their best to accommodate your preference.

What if I miss the phone call?

Don't worry. You can call the lawyer back, or they will call again—just keep your phone with you so you are ready when they try to call. If you are having trouble connecting, contact us at or (425) 305-4774.

Do attorneys pay to participate?

Any attorney who meets Avvo's participation requirements can offer Avvo Legal Services. Because Avvo is creating the marketplace and advertising on their behalf, participating attorneys pay Avvo a marketing fee for each legal service they provide.

What to expect

What kinds of questions can I ask?

You can ask about anything related to your legal situation, such as questions about a specific process, document or form, or about the meaning of specific terms or phrases. You can ask for advice, strategic coaching, or insight into possible outcomes. Advice sessions and document review services are also a good way to get a second opinion about your legal issue.

Will my attorney have the right skills and experience?

We only work with highly qualified attorneys who are licensed to practice in your state and who have chosen to offer fixed-fee legal services. If for some reason your attorney does not have the right knowledge for your specific situation, contact our customer care team at We will issue you a full refund and can connect you with a new attorney.

What can I expect to accomplish with my service?

For advice sessions, you can expect to get clarity and guidance on your issue, validation on your approach, and a roadmap and general timeline to resolution.

For document review services, you can expect a review of your legal document by your attorney, suggestions on updates you should make or errors you should correct, and advice about your specific situation. Your attorney will not edit your document.

For full support services, you can expect end-to-end support with your legal issue. Your lawyer will advocate for you throughout the process, complete time-consuming paperwork on your behalf, and submit your legal documents to the court or government.

What if I’m not sure that I need to speak to an attorney?

You can post preliminary questions about whether you need to speak with an attorney in Avvo’s free legal Q&A Forum. Most questions receive answers from attorneys within 12 hours.

Is the phone call private? What happens to my information?

Yes, your conversation with the attorney and any information shared is kept private and confidential. The phone number the attorney sees is randomly generated—it’s automatically forwarded to your real phone number. For document review services, your document will be deleted after the call. If you would like to hire the attorney for additional work after your service is complete, be sure to exchange your real contact information. For more information, see our full privacy policy.

What happens after the service is complete?

You are under no obligation to work with the lawyer beyond the purchased service. However, if you wish to hire the attorney for continued legal help, you are free to do so.

Refunds and exceptions

What if I don’t get a phone call?

If you do not receive a phone call within 1 business day, you will automatically get a full refund.

Why does it look like there's a double charge on my account?

Because of credit card verification rules, it may look like there are 2 charges on your account. Don’t worry—1 charge is just a temporary hold to verify the card is active. It will appear as “pending” and then go away automatically, leaving only 1 charge on your account.

What if I don’t want to work with the attorney after our introductory phone call?

Some services begin with an introductory call so you can meet your lawyer and discuss how you’ll work together. If for some reason the lawyer you chose is not the right fit, contact Avvo at after the call. We can help you choose a different lawyer.

How does your satisfaction guarantee work?

If you are unhappy with the service you purchased, we’ll make it right. Read our satisfaction guarantee.

How long does it take to get a refund?

Depending on your credit/debit card provider, you will see the funds returned to you within 1-3 business days of your refund request.