Ask a lawyer FAQ

How does Q&A work?

The Avvo Q&A forum allows anyone to ask anonymous legal questions for free. Attorneys answer questions based on their knowledge and experience with your legal issue. You can also add comments or ask follow-up questions to make sure you understand your options.

Is Q&A anonymous?

Yes. Attorneys and visitors to the site will only be able to view the question, any additional details you provide, and the city you choose. We never share your personal information.

Do not include any identifiable information like names, phone numbers, or addresses in your question.

What should I include in my question?

The best questions are brief and to the point. First ask your question as simply as you can. Then, provide the most important details to help lawyers understand how the law might affect your case. Legal issues are often complicated, but attorneys are most interested in knowing basic facts, like when and where your legal issue takes place.

Why do I need to create an account to post a question?

Creating an Avvo account will let you revisit questions you’ve asked, ask follow-up questions, and message attorneys. It’s free to create an account, and your information will not be posted publicly.

Who can answer questions on Avvo?

Only licensed attorneys can answer questions on Avvo. Lawyers receive notifications when someone posts a question related to their area of law and near their location. Because laws can vary at the state and local level, lawyers practicing in your state are usually most qualified to answer your question.

How long does it take to get an answer?

Many questions receive an answer within the first couple hours, but all questions remain open for 7 days. We’ll email you as soon as a lawyer posts an answer.

Why hasn’t anyone answered my question yet?

If you haven’t received an answer after a few days, you can try reposting the question with more specific details.

Sometimes, a legal problem is too complicated for a lawyer to give advice in the forum. If this is the case, we recommend contacting an attorney listed in the directory.

How do I see the questions I’ve asked?

Lawyer answers will be sent to your email. Your questions are also saved in your Avvo account, under My Questions.

Can I delete my question?

Yes, with our help. You cannot delete your question yourself but we are happy to delete your question for you if you would like.


  1. Please contact us
  2. Include the email address you used to post your question and a link to your question
  3. We'll delete your question from the Q&A forum